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Earth Is Absolutely Powerless Without Rain

Earth was dry, parched and thirsty. Rain showered its love it. Earth’s gratitude rose up as fragrance, one at a time. #gratitude

Imagine a barren earth – lifeless, dry, parched, and without any flora and fauna. An earth where the rivers didn’t flow, trees didn’t dance joyously with the breeze, clouds didn’t exist to offer us respite from the hot sun, and a habitat where we couldn’t enjoy the delicious taste of fruits and vegetables. Simple things that we take for granted each day. None of this would be possible if Mother Nature, our Creator, had not figured out a way to bring life to every little corner of earth. Just like a baby is nourished in the mother’s womb through the umbilical cord without making any effort, Mother Nature provides earth its enrichment through the most amazing phenomenon called rain. While we may never stop to think about this miracle of nature and sometimes even find it inconvenient, rain is as essential to our existence as the umbilical cord is to an embryo. Without it, we likely would not survive.

And it’s not water that I am talking about – that’s what you get when it rains. I am talking about the phenomenon called rain. To be sure, the essence of rain is water but it could have been any other medium if that’s how our Creator intended it. When it rains, we simply associate it with water. We wouldn't think of it any different if it ra. What I want to focus on is the intent behind this phenomenon – the desire to create and nourish life. Not just create life but to care for it in a way that it produces beauty all around us. And not just create life in some parts and neglect others but to inject existence in every tiny corner of Mother Earth. Wherever you look, there’s life, even where we suspect life couldn’t possibly exist – in granules of sand hidden in the crevices of rocks, deep inside frozen glaciers, in burning hot deserts, and inside the mouth of an active volcano. For the Creator, there was only one driving force when spreading nature’s beauty – pure, unconditional love. This life force was so powerful that imbued itself deep inside every cell of every living being. Unadulterated love became the power that formed the bonds in a chain of interdependence and interconnection. This powerfully compassionate phenomenon through which life on earth not only became possible but was saturated with love is what we call rain. We sense earth’s gratitude in the nostalgic unique fragrance that rises from earth’s heart after the first drops of rain caress its core, especially after a dry and hot spell.

The same essence of love exists in nature all around us – in the dance of the butterflies from one flower to another, in the fragrance of flowers, in the warmth of the morning sun, in the soft flakes of snow, in the morning dewdrops caressing blades of grass, in the growl of a lioness protecting its newborn cubs, in birdsongs every morning, in the elegant choreography of schools of fish and flocks of bird migrating to warmer climes– the expression of love is everywhere. We can see divinity manifesting itself right in front of our eyes in every waking moment.

Similarly, a mother nursing her newborn is perhaps the most beautiful, deeply spiritual expression of the human unconditional love. There’s scientific evidence to prove it too. The levels of the neurotransmitter called Serotonin that is responsible for feelings of love, peace and serenity – expressions often associated with divinity – rise significantly in the body of the mother when she nurses her baby. The power of Serotonin transcends the mother’s soul and soothes even the most agitated baby through breast milk. It’s as if a mystical power takes over and performs magical transformation. It is, indeed, the magic of a mother's unconditional, pure love that saturates every cell of the innocent life sleeping peacefully in her bosom. It’s just like the rain caressing the parched soul of earth.

While we call earth our Mother, the real Mother, in fact, is our common Creator and earth is her child. Rain is the Creator’s breast milk that nourishes, soothes, and sustains the earth. As witnesses we know that this unconditional love has immense power to create an overwhelmingly beautiful world.

But sometimes, things can go terribly wrong and severe imbalance can result from it. Just like an otherwise peaceful earth can be rocked by destructive storms, the innocent life of a baby can get infused with abuse, neglect, or misdirected passion. The misery and pain caused during and in the aftermath of both these “storms” can leave permanent scars. While the scars created by nature's storms can be seen and witnessed – uprooted trees, destroyed homes, cars smashed, shattered glass, downed power lines – much of the damage caused by abuse and neglect is invisible to the observer. However, deep emotional wounds can express themselves in ways that are anything but hidden – high suicide rates among young populations, substance abuse and addictions, risky sexual behavior, early pregnancy, high incidence of fetal death, high rates of incarceration, physiological disorders, anxiety, and depression among a list of endless painful human conditions that cause immense suffering. Psychologically, this misdirected and unfortunate storm in a child’s life is called Adverse Childhood Experience or ACE. The research on this scientific construct is revealing a deeply ugly side of human behavior.

Just like the unadulterated love of rain gives the gift of beauty and life to every corner of the earth, loving parental care is critical to a every aspect of a baby’s well-being well into adulthood. Life on earth wouldn’t be possible if there were no means to saturate its core with the love that rain provides unconditionally. Earth, left to its own devices, is not only absolutely powerless but it would likely be self-destructive. Without rain, it would deteriorate and eventually disintegrate into an ugly mess. An innocent soul is no different. She needs the uncompromising and unconditional love and nourishment from her caretakers if she is to live a healthy and happy life. Just like the Mother Nature intended.

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