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Mystique of the Purple, Gold and Orange Aura of the Alps

While hiking the Alps over the last few days, I was awestruck by its aura. It sent me down a bitter-sweet memory lane. Yet, everything was as the Universe had intended...simply perfect.

The splendor of the Alps is perhaps the best representation of God’s pure soul, beneficence, and bounty of sheer love. These magnificent mountains excite the adventurous spirit and evoke the humble soul in us. Amid the vast stretches of green foliage, grey rocks, and white glaciers bloom the delicate flowers that hint at this divine message. Dancing and frolicking in the soft breeze; kissing the early morning dewdrops; changing their shades as they play with sunshine; teasing the stars to love them; inviting you to caress their soft petals are the wildflowers that grow sparsely but gracefully in the Alpine valleys.

They may have bloomed recently but they are old souls that know the earth intimately, in whose bosom they have entrusted their lives for centuries. They may disappear but they never die – the earth simply couldn’t live without them. They meditate patiently during the harsh winters, waiting patiently to unleash their selfless beauty and fragrance when spring arrives. Even the rainbow finds itself incomplete without their colors. They are the purple, orange and yellow-gold auras of the Alps. Their message, if understood, can repair the broken heart, strengthen the weak spirit, and elevate the low self-esteem. They have the power to heal the fractured soul.

The color purple is striking in its beauty and deeply peaceful in its depth. It is, after all, the color of the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, commonly called the Crown Chakra that symbolizes our connection with the divine and the infinite consciousness. It is our pathway to a deep understanding of our own spiritual nature. It allows us to feel that we are all connected in mystical but fundamental ways. The crown chakra is the peaceful abode where pure serenity and eternal joy replace ego, fear and anxiety. It liberates us from the time bound mortal life and connects us with the timeless universe. Purple is the color of the divine.

Balancing the eternal connection with the timeless and the divine are the yellowish-golden hues of wildflowers growing alongside their purple variations. These radiant and joyful flowers represent the third chakra, the Manipura or the Solar Plexus chakra.

This nexus of energy is where self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth reside. While it’s an expression of the self, our ego, the solar plexus is also the center that gives us the sense of our own identity. It reminds us that we have a choice in life – a choice to find strength in our vulnerability, to discover the positive when negativity surrounds us, to remain proactive when others want us to be reactive, to love unconditionally even if it is unrequited, and to allow ourselves to be loved even if receiving love makes us anxious. An intimate connection with the Manipura allows us to live a fulfilling life as mortal beings because it makes us confident in our own abilities and gives us assurance in our decisions. The Alps acquire a golden-yellow hue at sunrise and sunset to remind us that we are beautiful when we are strong. The wildflowers dance in the wind as we hike past them as if applauding our strength, tenacity and perseverance.

With the reality of the golden hues and the sublimity of the purple tones, the orange hues of the Alps invite the visitors to indulge in pleasure and enjoyment with intense feelings and emotions. Orange auras of wildflowers represent the second chakra, the Svadisthana, also known as the Sacral Chakra. It is a store for our unique sexuality, and intimate desires. While the yellow-gold colors activate self-love at the feeling level, the color orange is about loving our bodies the way they are and the ways in which they will inevitably change. When the energy of the sacral chakra is active, we feel confident in our bodies and in our ability to express our love, our creativity, our feelings, and our desires without the fear of rejection or disapproval by others. It validates our physical existence as a mortal being. We are able to embrace change and enjoy the present moment in its full magnificence.

The rocky Alps, exuding their masculine sexuality, are softened by the feminine energy of the flora and the fauna to make them whole. They remind us that we can stand tall in our unique sexuality and express our feelings without fear of how others will judge us. The color orange blends with yellow-gold and purple to create an aura of the Alps that’s divine, real, confident, creative, sublime, joyful, and full of love.

If you meet someone whose soul exudes this aura, don’t let her go. She’s your ticket, not to anywhere but to your own soul. She's your connection between the limited and the limitless. Be her rock but don’t weigh her down. Cherish her but appreciate her creative, independent spirit. Because, she’s not here to live an ordinary life – she’s an old soul who needs to complete the colors of her own divine rainbow.

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