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"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."
- Lao Tzu
About The Chocolate Effect



the chocolate effectis an Experience.  It is a journey inward to help transform adversity into happiness through compassion. the chocolate effect Experiences bring about a shift in perspective of how we witness life. Like Wayne Dyer, the famous coach, author and motivational speaker, said, "Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." We accomplish this in ways that are not only deeply thought-provoking, insightful, creative and fun but are also anchored in evidence-based Positive Psychology and the science of well-being. Science and spirituality merge seamlessly in all the chocolate effect Experiences to acknowledge the importance of addressing the mind, the body and the soul. Here's a metaphor to help understand how we help transform suffering into well-being:

The journey of cocoa beans from nibs to chocolate is nothing short of excruciatingly painful - it begins when a machete severs connection of the cocoa pod from the cocoa plant, cracks it open to separate the cocoa nibs from their safe "womb." It continues with the roasting of their delicate body at high temperature before grinding them into a paste to create smooth and delicious chocolate. Perhaps, what makes this passage worthwhile for the cocoa nibs is their transformation from a bitter fruit into the amazing treat we all love - silky smooth chocolate. The secret ingredient that makes this all happen is not just technology or the skill of workers - it's the love and care involved at each step. If cocoa beans could talk, they will likely express their immense gratitude for the compassion that helps transform them into a delectable treat. A treat that gives immense pleasure and arguably physiological benefits to many.

A human journey is remarkably similar. From the moment our connection with our Creator, our mother, is severed when the umbilical cord is cut, many of us experience adversity in different ways - anxiety, depression, disease, anger, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy and divorce are just some of the painful human conditions that we experience during our journey through mortal life. The chocolate effectis the transformation of this suffering into happiness through mindful compassion and gratitude. The modalities to achieve this state need to be both effective and pragmatic so that we can practice them with ease in our daily lives. That's the practical side of the chocolate effect™. Now available in the form of a book and highly interactive Experiences - Workshops, Retreats, Pilgrimages and Conversations.


"Once we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change"


This famous quote by the self-help guru Wayne Dyer has the elements of perspective, curiosity, perseverance, hope and even spirituality embedded in it - character strengths that are associated with well-being and flourishing as evidenced in the science of Positive Psychology. Authentic happiness, according to Dr. Martin Seligman, the "father of Positive Psychology," can be accessed through the nurturing and expression of our character strengths. The question is how can one do that consciously, effectively and regularly in our daily life filled with diversions, responsibilities, trials and tribulations?

We have designed the Experiences to answer this very question. Built on the precepts of evidence-based science of Positive Psychology, Mind, Body and Soul, our four unique offerings will arm you with simple yet powerful tools to help unlock the age-old secrets of well-being, peace and happiness.

Whether you are a corporation that believes in the old adage that a happy workforce is a productive workforce or an individual seeking fulfilment & well-being, one of the four unique Experiences can help you achieve your goals.

To express our gratitude, all profits from these Experiences will be donated to the two projects highlighted here.


While the Mesoamericans were convinced about the magical aphrodisiacal powers of the early version of chocolate, Buddha’s wisdom revealed the healing miracles of compassion to the world. Mayans and Aztecs were concerned about the limited body while Buddha was after the unlimited soul.


This book takes the miraculous power of compassion to a new level. It offers an alternative way of thinking about suffering associated with different human conditions—from anger, anxiety, fear, sex, sin and depression, to love, marriage, divorce, and suicide. Science and spirituality come together in an uncommon marriage to help unravel the cause of suffering through a fresh perspective. The text proposes a solution that is not only easily and effortlessly accessible at all times but is one that enlightened souls like Jesus, Patanjali, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Mohammed and others prescribed widely. 


I am convinced that the path to end suffering can be accessed through a simple and pragmatic shift in the lens through which we witness and experience the material and sensual world. I invite you to join me on this humbling journey with an open mind so that our voyage together can be mutually enriching.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the two projects highlighted here.


Arun is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker focused on transforming adversity into happiness through social-enterprise initiatives and programs that are founded upon evidence-based science and mindful spirituality. His goal is to deeply understand the construct of human suffering and then utilize simple but effective techniques to alleviate it. One hundred percent of the  profits from all revenue generating activities are donated to the two social programs highlighted under the Projects tab.


Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs are adverse events of our childhood years that continue to have lingering long-term physiological and psychological affects in our adult life - abuse, abandonment, parental divorce, domestic violence, bullying and incarceration of a parent are some of the common ACEs among a long list of other adverse experiences. A landmark study showed that ACEs are more common and widespread than common belief. Some experts call ACEs as the largest public health crisis not talked about. The good news is that it has received a lot of attention lately and many therapeutic modalities are being developed, thanks to the pioneering efforts of many dedicated compassionate leaders. Some of those methods are effectively deployed in the Experiences we have developed.

About ACE

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